How to get red hot targeted leads for your business using FacebookLive and your fan page

In today's post we are going to be talking about, how to get red hot targted leads for your business just by using Facebook live and your business page! Muy name is Anthony Jackson, I coach Network Marketers how to get more leads, sales and signups into your business! If this is your first time vistig or you are returning be sure to subscribe for updates, never miss a minute of the action!

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First of all if you are not using video to grow your business you are missing out, especially if you are not using Facebook Live! When you combine Facebook live and your page together the results can rather amazing. Facebook Live is avalible to use on Apple I phones and Android Phones along with your computer Desktop or Laptop. Be honest have you gone live yet? It's ok to be scared, but I am telling you its a game changer for growing your business! You see when you do videos you are positined as an expert, your probaly thinking well i am no expert, but you are and you just do not know it! You just need to more than them.

"The defenition of an expert is someone who knows more than someone else"

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So the questions is how do you get red hot targeted leads for your business just by usig Facebook live and you fan page...? Well you are going to need a few thigs first! the first thing you are going to need is an AUDIENCE. You cannot just expect to go live on on your fan page and get leads and sales unless you have some type of following! I mentioned in an earlier blog post "If your marketing to everyoe your marketing to no one" It 's critical that you know who your target market is. The worst thig you could do is invite all of your friends and famaily to invite your page. Most of them will not even care what you are doing so you need to have that audience built up to see any type of result! 

Let's assume you have a following - The second thing you are going to need is MANY CHAT! Head on vert to ManyChat .com and create your account it's FREE to sign up!  We are going to be working with Chat bots! This is by far the easiest way to get a lead! You can learn more about Many Chat and Chat bots by reading this post

After you have gone and and create your account with Many Chat you can check out this video training to start getting red hot leads today!

P.S. If you lupine has not give you the blueprint for Network Marketing for success the you may want to check this out!

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