Should you use Twitter to grow your business?

I am sure at some point you have though about using Twitter to grow your business. If you were anything like me you I said immediatrley said NO,  and logged right back into Facebook. It can be kind of daunting to have to learn a an entirley new platform, but the rewards can sometimrs be bigger!

If you are reading this and you are in thge Network Marketing industry / Direct sales, this could be a game changer for you and how you market your business online. In this post we are going to talk about some reasons why you should consider to use Twitter to grow you business. 

1:) Very refreshing - If you have been on Facebook for any time you undersnat that it is incrediblly easy to get  burned out. Twitter provides a very refeshing enviroment. Even if you are growing your business online, twitter is still a wonderchannge of pace from Facebook, It shares most of the commeon features of Facebook including - Live Videos, being able to see your anaylytics, your not really makeing friends though, your looking for peeople to follow and this is what makes twitter so fun because its not your friends. If you have not at least created a Twitter account you can do so creaintg your account here. be sure to chek your email after to verifiy your account.

2:) Leads and Sales - Now this is where it gets fun, you would not even think that you could use Twitter to get leads and sales for your business, but you actually can, and its alot easier than you think, that being said its going to be some work. There are steps you need to take to start getting leads, but you cannot just expect to create a twitter account and have the leads poor in. The single most important thing you need to do is build your AUDIENCE. Withouy an audience you cannot do anything at all so one things you will be doing alot of is creating content, Blogging is a great way to c c reate content and such an awesome way to get followersIf you are thinking aboput starting a blog you can check out this poost to get you started

3:) New faces to talk to  - There are roughly around 970 million peope on Twitter, the way i look at thats 974 million people you can talk to about your products and services. If you tired of talkking to peope in Facebook messenger twitter provides a ton of new people to talk to, and the best part  is its pretty much drama free. you really cant do antyig on Facebook without someone giving there opinion, I think of Twitter sort of like Linkedin its more business. If you are not using Twitter you are simply shooting your self in the foot It's a great platform.

4:) Automation Tools - This is something that I really love abiout Twitter you can use some tools to automaticaly send out welcome messages to y9our new followers. You can't do that with Facebook. What is so great abouot doing this you ask? It's more exposure and it shows people your polite, and not only that it is a great way to start a conversation with someone you do not know. Afterall you are buulding as business online.A set this up.

These are only a handful of reasosn of why you should consider using Twitter to grow your business. Looking to truly levreage Twitter to get results in your business then check out "The ultimate tweet Leveagre" and start getting more leads and sales on COMPLETE auto pilot! Start getting leads here.

Did you get some value from this post feel free to drop a comment below or share! You can follow me on Twitter @techytony, until next time.

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