Ready to start your own blog, but not sure where to start? Read this first

All right so you have decied that you want to start a blog, but you have no idea what a blog is or where to even to get started. In this post we are going to talk about WordPress and getting started with your blog. It's very important that you understaood that blogging is hand's down one of the best ways to grow your business online or offliline The next best option would be video marketing, but we will get into thatin a later post.

First of all congrtulations on wanting to start a blog! Starting a blog is a HUGE dcesion but the in the long run it can bebbfit your business more than you will ever imagine. If you are reading this and you are in the Network Marketing industry Blogging is a GOLD MiNE for leadsand sales

What do you need to get started with a blog....?

The first  thing you are going to need is a GREAT domain name. If you are not sure what a domain is it's This is a very important purchase. you are going to putting a ton of conent when blogging, and peoople are going to get to knnow you pretty quickly so you want your domain to be just right! Here are a few tips that can help you find thagt  perfect domain name!

When purchasing a domain of any sort it's a good idea to make it as short as pooisbble, as a blogger youo will be putting a ton of content, and people will get to know you very quickly, the easier people can remember the name the better it will be!

If you can try to get a .COM it's what people know and almost every website ends with a .COM, if thats not avalible go to the next best thing and grab a .NET. Theer are many different places to register a domain and they are suprisingly affordable, you basiclly renting them for a years time, most domains are leased at a years time. Where can you register your domain? There is a few different places. the best place that I have found  so far is GoDaddyYou can use other companies like hostgator and or namecheap

Congrtulations! Now that you haved purchased your domain, The next things you are going to some hosting so that your website can be live on the internet for people to visit. It's good practice to purchase your hosting from the same compnay you bought your domain from, that way everyting is under one account. It just make things a bit easier, remeber every time you create a new account with someone that is one more password you need to remember.

Get in contact with one of tghe companys above, again i recoomend Godaddy, but the dcesions is yours in the end. After your hosting is purchased you need to have one more thing. You MUST purchase on SSL, Google is cracking down on this, you can ask your hosting provider why you need one, and how much they cost.

Now actually setting up your blog is a completly different story, but at this poinnt you have the neccecities too get started! Check out the video below to learn some helpful tips and tricks to get started!

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