How to turn your Blog into a Lead generating machine for your business.

Happy Monday friends! WOW its a beautiful day day here in St. Louis, MO! If you are reading this I hope you are having a fabolous day!. In today's post we are going to talk about blogging, and how you can turn your blog into a lead generating machine for your business.

Before we go any further make sure you have a BLOG - If you have considered getting started with a blog. Take a moment and check out this post on getting started with a blog.

Assuming yoru blog is up and running lets dig in!

1:) Create AMAZING content - Content is KING! Let's be real, without content you have nothing. A blog requires you to have content, content is what drwas people to you blog. Content is what solves your audiences problems Content is KING - When creatinng content for your blog always try to make sure it solves your target markets problems other wise your just blogging with really no point

The content is in the blog post you are writing, Make sure when you create your blog post you have a irrestiable headline, people read just the first couple of lines if you dont snag them chances are you wont have them read what you have wrote in the blog post. You want something that darws your reader in it makes them WANT to reaqd the post. The point is to get them to to read the post because in thie post yoio will have OFFERS to get you LEADS Have amazing content!

2:) Lead Magnents - This is your offer - The idea of  a lead magnent is to have someone give you there email adress in excahnge for some type of value. Exmaple If you are a network marketing coach you may offer a FREE pdf or something, 10 ways to egt your prospect to say YES, this would appeal to them. 

Step 1 Have an irresistable offer to give away make sure it has tons of value, again if you have your target market defined you will see leads coming in like crazy because your solving there problem. When you solve a prospects proble it gives you instant autothroty they TRUST you. This is critical.

Step 2  - You are going to need some software that can create lead magenets you can use something like click funnels to create a funnel. Click funnels comes with a 14 day trial so you will have time to leran things. Once you have those 3 things in place iyts just really placing the offer on your blog. 

Next up - Side Bar offers - Yo;ur sidebar on your blog is a very powerful tool its always good to have something thayt draws attentuon for examope mines a free trial with Aweber, you need to be building a list if you growing a business online. there forAweber can allow you to do that it relates to the blog. Seriouslly if you do not know who you are talking to your going to have a hard time building your business.

Strong Call to Actions - CTA) - You cannot assuke that your prospect knows the next step. you literally cant rol where you want them to go it could be a button a video a funnel you congtrol that. The stronger your call to action is the better for example. - Does "Get the offer" sound good or does " Get this limited time offer for only $7.00" sound better something to that affect maybe not as long

Miltiple offers in different places - Your sidebar is not the only place you can have an offer. Check out Thrive leads for some great pop ideas and where to put offers on your blog.

Ezclusive content - You can offer exclusive content to to your members if you have soe trype of membership site they may get more content than otgher subscribers perhaps exclusive training, anyoe that visits your blog will need to register to get access type thing thats a lead a very eeasy onw at that.

Online Calenders put a link in your blog posts to schedue a free consultataion for somerthing if your blog applys to that, your required to put an email in the box to set the apppointment.. yep another easy lead just more people to ad to yoru list THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!

Have something you would like to ad to this your list? Comment below we would love to hear from you!

P.S If you are business online and need some help generating high quality leads.. schedule for your FREE 45 min consultation below!

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