Five WordPress plugins you must have installed on your blog

In today's post we are going to talk five about wordpress plugins that you MUST have instsllaled on your WordPress blog. If you are considering getting started with a blog you can check out this blog post "The difintive guide to setting up your blog for success" Before you can even innstally any type of plug ins you need to have WordPress installed your domain first so be sure you have that done before going any further.

Ok so what is a plug in anyway? A plug in is A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website, you can learn more bu visiting this website. In a nit shell they are tools that developers have created so that it simplifies the process of not having to hire anyone to do custom development. Please not that sometimes you need to have custom development done, but you can save a signification amount of time and money if you can find a plug in to use, the downfall it can sometimes take some work to set up.

I beleive that you should be using 5 plug ins these are desgined for if you are just geting started. As a rule of a thumb the less plug insd you have installed the betetr your site will run. So lets talk about them!

1:) The first one on the list is some type of security plug in I persoanll y recomend using something like Wordfence. I would strongly urge you to cosider usinng the paid version of any security plug in its worth every penny. I would also encourage you to purchase back ups for your webiste as well as maleware scans. the last thing you want in an infected WordpPress website. Check out GoDaddy for further information on maleware and backs ups for your blog.

2:) Next up  - Something for comments. As you create more content for your blog, you will find taht more people will comment and show an interest in what you are blogging about!You want to have comments on your blog. When someone comments you can control what comments to approve and remove, but often times you can get a a lot of spam or what I like to call people just trolling looking for something to complain about. You can use a simple plug in like Akismet to reduce spam on your blog. I would once again encourage you to buy the paid version of this, on a quick side note when you buy plug ins always write down usernames and passwords so you have them.

3) The third plug would be sommething that can help with you whats called SEO - (Serach Engine Optimazation) This is something that is not crtitical but its reccomended. There is a handy plpug in called Yoast I am not going to go into all the deatil about SEO. What you should understand is that its the process of getting your content found online so you can climb to page one of Google over time. This plug in will help with some of that it will aloow you to optimize you blog posts so that your content can start being found online. Check out the yoast website for further information about SEO tips and strategies.

4;) Social Media plug ins - Pretty much the whole point of blogging to is to create contet that is valubale to your audience (Critical for any business) If you a great blog post and someone finds value they may want to share that post, they cannot do this if you dot have some type of way from them to share. There a few different plug ins you can use I persopanly reccoemnd using the Monrach plug in by Elegant themes. The advantage to this is you do not only just get monarch but you get access to a suite of plug ins and a ton of WordPress themes. It's well woth the investment!

5:) POP ups! As annoying as these may seem - They are a must! Why.. because you want to be able to provide your audience with NEW content and the best way to do this is to have an email list! you need a way to capture peoples information as they read your blog. "enjoying this post, considering subscribing for updates" You find one on my blog just yet, I m still tryign to find the right oes I want to use, but you get the idea! As a bonus for purchasing the Elegant themes subscription you will get another plug in called Bloom. This will alow you to have a nice pop that is very cutomizeable and easy to configure to start collecting email susbcribers.

Do you have a particular plug in that you recommend? We would love to hear from you! Comment below. Thanks for reading!

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