Five things you MUST have to have a successful business online

All right so you have found the perfect Network Marketing company, you are extremely passionate about the products they have, you fell in love with the compensation plan, and now you are ready to take your online and become an internet marketing superstar! The question you ask your self now is how.

Here is the good news, it's actually a really good thing that you DON'T know what your doing. Why because it's very hard undo damage done on social media once it has been done. You can check out this post - Five critical mistakes that are preventing you from making money in your business

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OK lets talk about what you are going to need to be successful online! Having someone share this information is one thing, but actually implementing the knowledge is a completely different thing. Lets dig in into it!

1:) Customer Relation Manager - This is one of those tools that you MUST have in your business. It's a 100% necessity, So what is a CRM anyways? A CRM is a tool that allows you to record events that have happened when you interact with your prospects, this is a very powerful tool, here is a great example. Think back to all the people you have ever talked on Facebook. Do you remember the last thing you said to them, the last conversation you had with them? If you a had a CRM you could. Imagine being able to store a prospects information in a database, being able to record events that happen. The truth is not everyone is going to buy your products and services. They say that it can take 5-7 try's before someone buys from you. If you know where the conversation left off imagine how much easier it would be to handle the follow up process.

2:) The right Mindset - I will keep this very simple. Weather you are building your offline or online you need to have the right mindset. Did you know that 97% of the people that enter network marketing fail? A Lot is of that is because of mindset. Let me ask you a question - When you are talking to a prospect and they tell you no what do you do, how do you react? Do you get pissed me and mumble under your breath and give up or do you say OK great to the next person i go. Mindset is everything. Network Marketing is a brutal industry. I cant express to you how important this is. Start taking personnel development, it's a game changer for you and your business.

3:) Auto Responder - If you have any intention of having a successful business online you NEED top have this in your pocket! Have you ever heard the saying the money is in the list? Well its true This is a tool that stores a database of everyone email that you have ever collected, and you can send everyone on that list updates /information etc.. You will be building a lot of relationship[s while doing this, since people buy from people they know like and trust, this is a CORE component of your marketing strategy. You can use a simple Auto res ponder like Aweber. It even comes with a trial period Click the banner below to get started!

4:) Landing Pages - Mastering the art of lead generation is not easy by an means but with the right tools in your back pocket it can be a lot easier. The idea of lead generation is really simple I can going to give you my email in a dress in exchange for something of value, like a PDF or maybe a cheat sheet but you need a funnel or known as a landing pages. You can use a very simple program like Click funnels, it's easy to use, comes with a 14 day trial period. Thisis one of the hottest tools on the market. Start your trial today.

5:) A Blog - The last thing is a blog. If your asking yourself what a blog is I want you to know its OK I didn't really understand at first, as it turns out its a very powerful tool. Check out this post "The Definitive guide to starting a blog"to learn more about blogging. It's important to have a blog because its a grey way to showcase you, and proved value to your audience, you can get on auto pilot if you have a blog, please not it does take some time. Blogging is a tad time consuming but the rewards can be so much bigger if you take the time to do it.

Look at anyone that is big in the network marketing industry - Eric Woree, Ray Higdon Sara Robins, any of them they ALL have a blog and have a ton of content they can re purpose and provide to there audience. Read the above blog post and get some insight and you will understand more.

Have something you would like to add to this post drop a comment below.

P.S If you up line has not given you a step by step guide to generating high quality leads online then you should really check this out!

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