Five simple steps you can take to get leads today using Facebook

In today's post we are going to talk about 5 simple steps you can take to start getting leads today, just by usig Facebook! These simple action steps can be implmented right away! Kets get started.

All right so you have found the pefect Network Marketing / Direct Sales company, and you are rready to take massive action to grow your business! Now if you are like everyone else you are probally going to want to use Facebook. With a ground breaking 2.2 billion peple on facebook and more than half active, Facebook a is a great place grow your audience!

1:) Make more friends - In order to grow your busisness online you are going to need to alot of people so having a fair amount of friends can really work in your favor. It's always good to have momre friends, but it is even more bennficial to have friends that are in the niche you are in. For example, I am a Network Marketing coach so I would be looking to connect with people in the Network Marketing industry that way my friends list is very targeted and I can build my audience alot easier.

Don't be afraid to unfriend people that dont take an interest in what you are doing. You can have up to 5,000 friends on Facebook but that doesnt mean go and make 5,000 friends. "If you are marketing to everyone you are marketing to no one"

2:) Create Lists - This is a great little ninja hack I learned this a while back and I use this quite often. You can actually create lists on facebook, so if you have a speciffic peice of content you wanted to share you can share the content with speciffic people and exclude the ones you dont want which is very powerful. Check out the video below.

 3:) Facebook Live -Video is hands down the best way to grow your business online, it has so many different adbavtages, the biggest being people like to watch vs read, this gives you quite a bit of leveagre, and you shoyld really use it to your advatge. Check out this post on you can leaverage facebok live to get leads and sales for your buinsess starting today

4:) Rekindle old relationships - Think about how many people you have actually talked to on Facebook messenger! How many of those people have you talked about your products or services? You can go back and talk to all those people those are ALL potnetial prospects for your business. I promise you will never run out of people to talk to about what you have to offer. you should always be making new friends at least 25 a week if noit more

5:) Lead Magenet - This is something you can omplemet right away although it does take soe time to do. the idea is that you offer something of value to your aidence and they give you there email adress in exchange for that value, this is by far the easiest away to get a simple lead! I mean who does not somethhing for free? S how do you do this? You can use a simple program like Click funnels to acheive this, and the best part it you 2 week FREE trial! How cool is that?! Click below to gst started with your 14 day FREE trial.

Do you haved something you would like to add? Take a moment and comment below, we would love to hear froom you! P.S If your upline has not provided you with a clear blueprit on how to generate 2-5 leads per day just by using social media the check this out

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