Five reasons why you are failing in your network marketing business

Lets face it, the network marketing industry is a brutal industry! In fact did you know that 97% of people that enter the industry fail within a just a couple of months of joining? That is a staggering high number! Here is the question WHY do they fail...? Beleive it or not there is an art to being to grow your business online, and in this post I am going to share with you five reasons why you may not be seeing results, and how you can start seeing results as soon as TODAY

1:) No Follow Up - First of all this is a CORE compnent of being able to grow your business online. You need to understand that not everyone is going to buy right away. People do have a life and they have reasons why they may not be ready, perhaps they had a family emergrncy or now is just a bad time for them, the truth is you just dont know, so folowinng up is key. If you are anything like me you are probally asking how do i follow up with all these people I have talked to..

I would highly encourage you into getting whats called a CRM (Customer Relation Manager) This will be your best friend when growing your business online or offline... What this does it allows you to have a database of all the prospects you EVER talked to, or interacted with, so every time you talk to someone you can put this in your database and you will know EXCATKY what you and your prspect talked about, why they did not buy right away. When it comes to follow up then you it will not be ackward, and you will now what to say and you can get right down to business! It takes around 5-7 times before someone will actually buy or join you in something - therefore the follow up is a CRITICAL part of your success.

2:) No target Market - There is saying "If you are marketing to everyone you are marketing to no one" In order to sell your products or services to anyone you have to know WHO it is that you want to talk to! Chances are if you are just asking everyone to join you, theres a good chance you wont see any result, but if you know who it that you need to talk to you can learn to build an audience of people that are interested in what you have to offer. That will work alot better than asking everyone you know to join. You will find that if you just talk to everyone you will run ouut of people to talk to about your business  very quickly. Take a moment and get your target market deffined it makes all the difference in the woirld.

3:) No email List - The MONEY is in the list!  LEADS are the lifeline of your business... If you are not generating 2-5 leads per day in your business you are doing something wrong... You shouuld have whats called an auto responder set up this will store all of your emails you have collected and allow you to do a brodcast to your subscribers. If you want to make money in your business youe email will allow you to do this over time. Start building your email list today you can use Aweber to get started! Click the banner below.

4:) Mindset Issues - Having the right Mindset is very KEY to your success when growing your business online. The one thing you do not want to have a money mindset, meaning all you think about is how much money you can make..Let's be real you are not going to make money right away its going to take some time for you to get the swing of things right?  If anything you need understand that its a numbers game and you should encourage people to tell you NO.. I know that sounds weird but thie more people that tell you know is just one step closer to your yes! You are not looking to close everyone, your looking for people that want to talkk to you, so you can build a relationship with them and get to know them.. people buy from people they know like and trust! This is a brutal industry and will mess with your mind so having the right minddset will keep you in check.

5) No Goals - This is a pretty simple one! If you do not have goals that you want to acheive then you will fail, I am not talking about i want a million doallars in 1 year goal. Set reasonble goals, I have a goal to talk to 5 people epople to day about my business. I want to get my link to 3 etc. Having goals holds YOU accoutbale for your actions, learn to reward yourself for hitting that goal, by going out to eat or maybe buyinng yourself something nice.

Do you have something you would like to add to this list. What do you feel causes you to not get results? We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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