Five critical mistakes that are preventing you from making any money in your business

Happy Tuesday fellow readers and bloggers! I hope your having an amazing week so far! In today's post we are going to talk about five CRITICAL mistakes that are preventing you from making money in your business! Let's face it social media is the the place to grow your business online, that being said there is a skill to being able to grow your business online, and there are mistakes you can make that can affect you. I firmly believe that you get one shot to impress, once the damage is done, it can be very difficult to undo.

Mistake #1- Spamming! This is NOT good for your business in any way shape or form. When you start spamming your "link" all over social media, you will gain a very bad reputation very quickly and be known as the guy or girl that spams all the time, you do not want to be this person! Spamming your link shows you are desperate. You are trying to make sales online. Why would someone buy from you if they don't even know you?. People buy from people they know like and trust. Think about it, would you buy from someone who spammed all day long?

Mistake#2 - Mentioning the company name - This is quite possibly the worst mistake you can ever make. once again if people just see you trying to sell something you will be known as that guy or girl that is just trying to make a sale. Why should you not mention the company name? A couple of reasons - If you mention the company's name all someone needs to do is hop online and go to google and look up that name, if they find ONE bad review what happens? they will never buy or join in you in business. that person is now scared for life, and will do there homework on the next product you try to sell them. 

Reason number 2 - You are doing exactly what the company wants you to do! People buy you! not the products, so when you mention the company's name you are simply giving the company more exposure, do you think they want to pay you residual income or get there name out there for more people to see? After all if they buy from the COMPANY they don't need to pay you residual. Think about that.

Mistake#3 - Stick to one platform - I am not saying do not just use one platform to grow your business. I am saying that you should MASTER one platform and be an expert in it, then consider moving to something different - It can take time to make all the posts online, yes you can have scheduling software that will do it for you, but why spend the extra money. Stick to the platform where you audience is built. It takes to build an audiende, do you really want to start over?

Mistake#4 - Making our your friends list / followers - This is a terrible idea - Just because you have 5,000 friends doesn't mean everyone of them is going to buy what you have to offer. Instead having less friends is actually better. The key is to have friends that are already interested in what you have.  Have you ever heard the saying "less is more" It's 100% true It;s about the value you can offer to them not the products or services!

Mistake#5 - No Value - Simply put if you want to have a successfully business online you need to start solving peoples problems and give the some value solving problems give you authority, when you solve problems people look at you as the expert you give instant authority! Find your target markets problems and solve them i promise you will make money in your business. 

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