9 things to consider before joining a network marketing company or direct sales company

In this post we are going to talk about ten things you must do before you consider joining any type of netwwork marketinng company. This is going to also apply to joining a direct sales company as well. If this your first time visting my blog welcome, please consider subscribing for updates below. If you have been here before welcome back. Lets dig right in!.

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1:) The Compensation plan -Obviouslly this is very importqant, but its more important than you may think. Try not to look at the compensation plan as "I need to sell this many products to get this much money" Instead really sit down and find out what you really need to bring in to pay your bills, again your running a business. What this does it helps you set goals, and in turn will motivate you to hit your goals.

2:) Does it light you up - If you are in ANY tye of comapny weather its network marketing or direct sales, be sure the product makes you excited! You want to be excited about what you have to offer to your prospects, have some passion! Your energy rolls of on other people if they see your excited they will naturalluy be excited as well "Everybody wants to buy something, but nobody wanyts to be sold" You have to be excited about what you. have to offer to others!

3:)Inventory - Does the company you are with you require you to hold your own inventory or do they supply the inventory for you ? nventory is very expensive, and its another expense you need to worry about it may be $35.00 to join but you may need to but you may need to byproducts. The starter kit wont last very long.

4:) Email Adresses - I have said it once I am going to say it again! The money is in the list" I would check to see if you are able to collect the email adreses when someones sets up there account to make the purchase. This is a very fast way to build a list and open rates are going to be higher beccause of the accuracy, remember those products get shipped so they will receiving shipping notifications, so the email has is very accurate.You know have a GUARNTEED to way to get a hold of someone weather or not they respond is different. THis is a huge benfit if you are in direct sales. Make sure you can collect.

5:) Tracking pixels -This is something that most companies don't have as your audience builds you wil be able to run ads. Does your comapny website have a way to track your visitors, so you could go back and retarget those vistors? You never know is who is going to go to your site or who has been there. This is not mandatory but could be a very big bennifit later if you decided to run ads 

6:) FEES - I would consider getting a FULL understanding of what it is going to cost you to get started with your company, some times you can have hidden fees, is it monthly do you renew early, things like that. Hidden fees can come out of nowhere so read over everything carefully.

7;) Payment types - Chances are your comapny will aloow you to pay with all major credit cards. but something to0 consider is can you pay with pay pal do you accept any other forms of payments. It sounds silly but I get asked often do you accept payapl, or can I use a visa gift card? Questions like that are things to consuder.

8:) Is there a commitment - Does your company require you to have a contract to stay with them a length of time of some sort. If you get in caught in something ETF fees can be outrageous (Early Termintaion Fees) It doesnt happen to often but you just never know.

9:)  Discounts -Can you run discounts or do you need to wait for the company to offer a discount soething like for new customers only free shopping is a very powerful marketing tool! Something to think about!

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