5 Creative ways to get traffic to your website for FREE

Happy Friday! In todays' post we are going to talk about 10 ways you can get traffic to your website for FREE! If you are in the direct sales industry and or a blogger this will benefit you in many ways more than one! 

1:) Email your list-If you follow my blog you will hear me often say  " The money is in the list" and its 100% true. Your email list is hands down the besgt marketing tool, and the best thing about having an email list is that it's yours! Nobody can ever take that that away from you and that is what makes it so valubale. If you do not have an Emai list you can use a simple program like Aweber, Start your 13 daqy trial  and start making more money in your business today, THE  MONEY IS IN THE LIST!

2🙂 Email signature - There is a big difference bwteen emailing your list and peronsell emailing! When you get individual emails from interested prospects or whatver you email for you, you can add an email signtgaure with the link to your webiste. This is widely overlooked. you can also apply, this to your email marketing as well, this is just one more place you put your website link! just make make you have a professional email signature, you are running a business after all.

3:) Online CalenderIf you do ot have online calender for your business I woud HIGHLY consider you get, Having a calender has a few benfits, it makes you more ogranized, and it shows y9our prospects you are serious about building your business you could your website to the calender you are using, you shold be setting appoitgments like crazy again just another way to get more exposure to your website! You can use a program like Acuity Calender

4;)Business Cards -If you are someoe who get;s often to network this is very effective, just think of how many people you talk to if you gave everyone a business card you never knnow who is come by and visit, If you tell them you blog this mightg give them an incentive to come by and you may just get a returing visitor as well. Anytime you can get a business card! You never know who is interested in what you have to offer.

5:) Guest Blogging - This is so powerful! If you can find a blog that allows gust blogging you can wrote a blog post on there blog and include your webiste links on that blog. I would envourage you to use a button, because you dont want to mention the companays name, This is powerful because anyone that is bg an dinto blogging is going to have a following, if your conent is relvant to there blog, do you think they are going to say no? You just need to find a blog that allows it, this is super powerful and not used as often as it would be.

Do you have something you would like to add to the list? If you got sosme value form this posf, drop a comment below, and feel free to share!

P..S If your upline has not provided yout with a clerar blueprint on how to generate 2-5 leads per day just by using facebook then you should really check this out! It's a game changer!

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