10 Tips guarnteed to beef up your prospecting skills on social media

Good evening friends! In today's post we are going to talk about 10 tips that are guranteed to beef up your prospecting skills using social media! If you are new welcome to my blog! If you are a returning visitor, consider subscribing, updates will be delivered right to your inbox!

Ok so you have turned to social media to grow your business, and have realized pretty quikicly that this is not going to be as easy as you thought it was. In the end run things if you plan on making any realy money in your network marketing coapny, you are going to need to build a team underneath you. TO build a team your going to need people and to do that you need to know how to prospect! 

Tip 1 - Stop looking at your network marketing compamny as an opportunity, and start looking at is as a busines. You are a  business owner now, not everyone is going to join on your journey, and you will take your nos just like everyone else. Once you understand you have a business your mindset is going to change. The number one thing you MUST do is get out of the "Money Mindset" The money will come but not right away. You need to condition yourself and your brain that you now have a business.

Tip-2 One critical thig you that is impoerative that you do is to find out who you want to talk to, finding your target market is KEY It's time for a chnage, if these things are happening to you then you do ot have your target market defined.

  • Chasing friends and family for your lext lead or sale
  • Hosting hotel parties with little to no results
  • Posting on social media with little or no engagament
  • Mentioning the companys name on social media
  • Running out of people to talk about your products or services

It's time for a change - you are  100% wasting your time and you will get little to no results, now let's talk about how you can change and start getting results TODAY in your BUSINESS.

Tip - 3 Get organized! If you follow my blog i have said this a few times, get a calender, you are going to need to learn to set up appointments for presentations. Havig a calender is going to make you more organzed, and it is also going to show your prspects that you are serious about building your business. Having a calender cn tell you a lot about your prospect, if they take the time to set up the appoitment they are interested it determines if they are motivated, if they are commited, you can determne pretty quickly if this is going to be someone you want to work with Get a calnder! Online calenders work very well! You can use Acuity, Click the button below to get started.

Tip - 4 Undeerstand that you are not going to close everyoe person that you come in conact with. STOP trying to convince them and yourself that this is the best comany for you to join. If they are interested they are interested if you can read them then schedule a second call, at the end of the day its really about how many peope you have talked to. Think of this way if you talked 10 people a day and 5 told me you no and 5 said maybe thats not a bad ratio. Your not looking to close everyone Theres 2.2 Billion people on Facebook MOVE ON

Tip 5 - Do video prsentations - I have said this befofre - VIDEO is hands down the best wy to build your business weather yioiu are running ads doing Facebook live or simply giving a presentation. Video lets your prospect know that you are a REAL perso and not a robot,you, you  can use very simple programs like ZOOM to give a presenttation. You can flip your screen and you have contol! VIDEO is powerful.Check out zoom below!

Tip - 6 Ask for referals! Just because someoe is not interested in what you to offer does not mean someone else is not interested. Simply ask Hey John I understand this may not be for you but would you do me a favir and pass my contacting information over to Sally? It's realy simple. You never know who is going to buy your prodcuts products or services or join your business, but the more people to you talk the betetr chnace you have right? Ask for referals!

Tips - 7 Offer more VALUE - Even if someone foes not join you, giving them more is always a godo thing weather its a FREE PDF or some trianing on how to do something. This is allows you to not come of as spammy and makes you look like a true professional, at some poing you will have your own products - You can then ask your prospect if they would be interested in a very afordable prurchase. sometimes people really donnt have money lol but if its something simple like $7.00 that could be a better option

Tip - 8 Do not spend all day o social media just talking to people, probally the the worst thing you could do. Instead pick a time in the day that works for you. Simply spend a few hours a day connecting with people and setting appointments. Understand this RESULTS arent always in the form of money a result can be you got your first lead, you set your first appoitment,stay productive and reward yourself for getting results. Over time you will see bigger thigs happen

Tip  -9 Send a Thank You card to your prospect. If they tell you thats perfectly ok. You would be suprised what a simpole Thank You card or a figt can do for someone. I guaarntee they wilol never forget you and what you do! Never get upset when someone tells you no, if anyoe it should encourage you a simple card or a even some choclate is a great idea!

Tip 10 -Always be yourself! People buy YOU nojt the products- Just simply be you do not be a spammer do not be a salesman just be YOU. This makes all the difference when talking to people about what you do they will buy form you if they YOU. This is why is it's spo critical that you buiuld relations with people because peope get to know YOU very quikly!

Did you get value form this post comment below or feel free tio share! What tios can you recomend for prospecting?

P.S If your upline has not give you a step by step pblueprint on how to generate 2-5 leads per day in your business then do your self a favor and check this out!

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